Consilience and Tres Anelli

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2006 Dolcetto Walker Vineyard

2006 Dolcetto Walker Vineyard

So what do Dolcetto and chokeberries have in common?  If you guessed high levels of water-soluble vacuolar flavonoid pigments you are absolutely right.  These are the little buggers with the antioxidant activity and purported health benefits against cancer and heart disease that we all hear about.  They also attract bees, and contribute to the dark purple color of this fantastic grape.  A classic Dolcetto from Piedmont in Italy may be considered a lighter style fruity wine, but ours again has the Tre Anelli stamp of intensity due to the smaller, concentrated berries and lower yields from the vines of the Walker Vineyard.  This wine probably has the biggest tannin structure and longest finish of our current line-up, and will only improve with bottle age.  Then again, we tend to get older every day for some reason, and there’s really no reason not to hedge your bets from a health perspective.

112 cases produced

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